Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Okay, okay, I'll consider singing

I had planned to return to the choir this year after a year off. But then the pastor did something this summer that angered me, and I decided I'd forget it, even though the numbers are down and the choir needs male vocalists.

But the other day I was asked by a member of the choir if I was coming back. I said no, and explained why.

He responded that I should be forgiving and I'm too good to hold a grudge.


He's a Santa. And he's more of a Franciscan than I am - and he's not a Franciscan.

He was right. Just because I'm annoyed at  the pastor, should I hurt the choir and the parish? (Then again, my singing might be considered painful!)

It got me thinking about my temper. I have done and said foolish things because I got mad. I've quit jobs, left groups and organizations, broken off friendships and alienated people.

In his admonitions St. Francis said, "The servant of God who does not trouble himself or get angry about anything lives uprightly and without sin." Alas, that has not been me.

And even if I have been truly wronged, I should live by Francis's admonition: "He truly loves his enemy who does not grieve because of the wrong done to himself, but who is afflicted for love of God because of the sin on his [brother's] soul and who shows his love by his works."

I have to look at what I do and say, and to stop dwelling on slights - real or perceived. What is the more Christian, the more Franciscan way to respond?

I'm considering rejoining when the choir starts up.

Pax et bonum

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