Friday, November 16, 2012

Franciscan Fraternity to move meeting site

We met with the business manager at the parish and got the paperwork. As of January 4, my fraternity will begin meeting at my parish - St. Theodore's.

The parish is in an easy-to-get-to location (unlike our current meeting site), and is handicap accessible (again, unlike our current site). Plus, being in a parish gives us more recruiting potential, not only in the parish, but among the parishes nearby. The business manager mentioned posting something in the bulletin.

This is good.

I am to be the "keeper of the key." Sounds like something out of a game! All it really means is the parish will entrust me with the key, so I'll have to show up early, unlock the necessary doors, and turn on the lights and heat, and then make sure everything is locked up or turned off after the meeting.

The minister also talked about the need for a spiritual assistant. We don't have one, and we need one. The Council would like to get a priest or deacon, but none are available at this time or on short notice. Lay people can be assistants, though, and I said I'd be interested in finding out more about what it entails in terms of training and study if it comes to that - given my background. The minister seemed excited. But as a newbie - less than two years professed - I don't think I really qualify at this point.

I think I'll just stick to the keys.

Pax et bonum

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