Friday, November 9, 2012

God and St. Francis probably chuckled

Tonight the fraternity elections I mentioned previously took place.

I had been dreading the idea that given the age of the fraternity that I might be asked to serve in some office. I wanted to focus instead on growing spiritually. As some of my political posts suggest, I'm not very Franciscan-like at times.

I had not put my name in for any of the offices - and I was hoping that no one else had submitted my name. At the last meeting, the names of the likely new officers had been mentioned. I was not among them. Phew.

But before tonight's meeting the woman who had been put forward as minister approached me. She asked if I'd be willing to serve as a councilor. I said yes. I got the impression that this had been discussed by the officers.

After some prayers, the voting started. The names of the previously-named candidates were put forward. But since there had to be a vote, the regional person asked if there were any other candidates people wanted to name so there would be a choice. When they got to the Secretary position, someone named me. I was uncertain what to do for a moment, but I declined, thinking that I was going to be nominated later for a councilor position anyway.

When we got to the councilor nominations, someone immediately named a very outgoing woman. The former minster and the new minister looked at each other, then said they'd already asked someone, though I'm not sure how many people heard them. The new minister immediately put my name in. And then, someone named a third candidate - a respected long-time member of the fraternity.

I chuckled. Me vs. an outgoing woman and a long-time member. Maybe I'd get my wish!

At that point, the regional minister pointed out that given the number of officers we really needed two people as councilors to provide an odd number for voting. So we were going to select two councilors.

Ulp. But I still had hope.

Voting took place. Then the counting of the ballots.

For a while, the other two were ahead.


And then ... a late surge.

I got the most votes. I was elected as a councilor. So was the long-time member.

Francis and God must have chuckled. Thought you'd escaped, eh?

Pax et bonum

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