Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving - that Planned Parenthood was closed

A dozen of us gathered across the street from Planned Parenthood this morning for the weekly prayers. Rosary. Divine Mercy Chaplet. A few other assorted prayers.

Snow. Wind.

I had to wear gloves as I fingered my beads.

And across the street: The office was closed.

I offered thanksgiving that no baby would die there today. No women would be harmed.

But cars continued to drive by. People continued to look - sometimes first at us, then at the office.

It occurred to me that even though the office was closed, we were still witnessing. Not to the women - but to the people driving by, some of whom may have used the blood-tainted services of that office - or who might be tempted to some day. Some of whom may have suffered the pain of abortion, or who may have been deluded by the contraceptive and over-sexualized mentality that afflicts our society.

And then I realized that we were witnessing to the culture, showing that there is a counter view to that poison which filters into minds and hearts and souls from so many other sources in our society.

We are called to witness in all we do and say.

I pray that I might be a worthy witness.

Pax et bonum

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Thanks for your witness, brother. It does make a difference.

Check this out:

Talk about witness! Wish we had that guy for our president.