Saturday, November 10, 2012

Franciscans pray for life

At Planned Parenthood today at our regular Saturday prayer gathering, I was joined by two people from the other local Franciscan fraternity, then one of the candidates from my own fraternity, and finally by a member of our fraternity who had been sick and hadn't been able to make our fraternity meetings for a couple of months (I gave him a hug).

I kidded that we were turning this prayer vigil into a Franciscan event.

After the prayers, I had a chat with the two people from the other fraternity - a husband a wife who professed along with me in 2010. Their elections are Monday night, and he's up for Formation Director, and she for Councilor. I laughed. The local fraternities are trying to get us "younger folks" involved. All three of us acknowledged that we felt too new for leadership positions - I said I was still a rookie - but if God is calling us, so be it.

We also talked about the fact that our two fraternities are relatively healthy at this point - we had 18 of our 25 professed at our election meeting last night - and that we were lucky considering how many fraternities are suffering from lack of members and even closing. My own fraternity has three people in formation at the moment. And when we move to a new site soon (hopefully January) we will be in a parish setting where we might be able to attract more people. (A parish staff member even said I could write something for the bulletin about the Secular Franciscan Order.)

Their fraternity is starting a new social ministry program, assisting a program that provides food and other items for folks in a low-income section of our city. My fraternity has links to a pregnancy center, donating food and infant clothing. Social ministry is part of our Franciscan vocation. I'd love to see more, but these efforts are a good start.

Pax et bonum

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