Monday, November 30, 2020

Read in November

As I noted earlier this month, a friend had been tallying her reading (along with others) month-by-month. 

My reading rate is far slower than hers' and those of some of the others  - I still waste too much time on frivolous activities.

But here's my tally for November:

Poetry of the Spirit edited by Gerard E. Goggins
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Black as Night: A Fairy Tale Retold by Regina Doman
God's Door-Keepers: Padre Pio, Solanus Casey, and Andre Bessette by Joel Schorn
Earth Keeper by N. Scott Momaday
A Book of Bees by Sue Hubbell –
Bundled Wildflowers - Haiku Society of America 2020 Members' Anthology
Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Father Jacques Philippe

I'd already commented on the last three (read earlier in the month). Momaday's book was a library find - a delightful one. It inspired me to slow down and look at the world around me. The Schorn book was because of my interest in Blessed Solanus Casey, and a desire to know more about the other two. It was informative, though not challenging. Doman's book was on several lists of recommended contemporary Catholic books, and I had a copy gathering dust on one of my "to read" piles. It was a good read, with a clever Franciscan twist on a classic fairy tale. Alice had also been lying in wait for many years, and when I finished Doman's book I figured it was time to get it read. Like the Doman book, I'm glad I decided to finally read it. It even inspired a cinquain. Finally, Goggins' collection was one I was gradually working through, poet-by-poet. There were some poets in it whom I will seek out for further reading.

Now, more works await. I've already started a couple - including Louis de Wohl's The Spear and Robert Front's North of Boston. 

I'm on pace to read about 50 books this year - the most in any year in my adult/post graduate degree life, but still no where near as many books as some of my online reading friends read. I don't see this as a competition, though: They are just inspiring me! 

Pax et bonum

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Now I want to read the Regina Doman book and the Schorn book too!