Saturday, August 25, 2012

A-Chestertonianing I Will Go!

While chatting with someone from the American Chesterton Society yesterday I learned that the next national conference is tentatively scheduled for Boston the first weekend of August in 2013.

Finally, a place I can get to and a time that works with my school schedule. So I may actually get to go to one of the national conferences. I've attended some of the regional one-day ones in Rochester, New York, and they've been wonderful. But three days with Chestertonians from across the country would be wonderful.

Plus, the good looking one likes Boston, and one of our daughters loves there, so we can make it a joint trip. While I'm off talking Chesterton she can do things around Boston and with daughter, then we can have a couple of extra days for Boston excursions together.

I also learned that during an upcoming visit to Rome the head of the Society hopes to get some time with Pope Benedict to pitch Chesterton's cause for sainthood. Both getting a chance to pitch and seeing Chesterton declared a saint would be wonderful.

Now where is that most recent issue of Gilbert Magazine ...

Pax et bonum

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