Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Okay, I do have an ego

Over the years, I've been in a number of plays. I'm not a great actor, and I've mostly had bit parts - the dad who dies in Act I (Othello), the doctor who pops in occasionally (The Secret Garden), a troll/dragon/goblin (The Hobbit). But I do remember my lines and I do show up, so I've managed to linger on the edge of theater and I still get calls from directors desperate to complete casts!.

I have had a couple of bigger roles, though. The high point of my acting career was when I played Prospero in a children's production of The Tempest (Tempest in a Teapot) back in 1999. When I was on Facebook, one of the people I was in that play (and others) with sent me some images. I saved some of Tempest and R.U.R. (a 2010 reader's theater production) pictures from Facebook when I discontinued my account. I'm including a few of them.

Pax et bonum

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