Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rock of Faith - Forever? (Or just for now?)

We held the first meeting for Rock of Faith last night to prepare for the upcoming year.

Good and bad.

We don't start until October - the Director of Religious education/youth ministry decided that she did not want us to provide the music for the beginning of the religious ed season in September (No explanation why).

Our former leader quit over the summer, so we were trying to pull things together as best we can. We did get the first Mass planned, and most of the second. (I also learned that the former leader is now moving and won't even be in the parish any more. He was a talented, caring man. I'm sorry to see him go.)

On the down side, our lead singer did not show up - without a call about why. Is she still with us? Her daughter, another singer, also did not show, but we had kind of expected her to be leaving the group. Is she? We don't know.

The keyboard player (and backup vocalist) will not be available for that first Mass because he and his family is going to a Buffalo Bills game. Meanwhile, I (guitar/backup vocals) won't be playing for the second Mass because the Mass will include liturgical dancing.

It was nice to see everyone who was there, but things still seem uncertain about the future of the group.

Our first practice is scheduled for September 10. It will be nice to play and sing again.

Pax et bonum

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