Monday, August 27, 2012

Fraternity picnic (2012)

We held our Fraternity picnic on Sunday. We had taken a summer break, so it was nice to see my fellow Franciscans.

 Over the food, folks discussed a variety of topics. The meeting dates for September. The Transitus, and October meetings. A play by Leonardo DeFilippis (Maximilian: Saint of Auschwitz) coming to our area. Speculation about a new bishop for our diocese (everyone's waiting to see who Rome sends us; our current bishop submitted his letter of resignation in July).
The 2012 election (no fans of Obama were present!). What might happen if there are no changes in the administration, the HHS mandate, and the sense we are heading towards accepting euthanasia (at 57, I'm one of the youngest members of the Fraternity). Creating a cookbook containing the recipes for all the wonderful food people brought to the picnic. A local Catholic school facing some problems. Our Fraternity blog. The health of our minister.

A wonderful time. I look forward to our first Fraternity meeting in September.  

Pax et bonum

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