Saturday, August 11, 2012

St. Clare of Assisi; mea culpa

Today is the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi.

I have to admit that my focus over the years has been more on Francis than on her, though in my fraternity we have begun to read her writings. It is part of my ongoing formation and growth as a Franciscan. Prior to my reading more, my image of her was the one created by Hollywood - someone around the same age as Francis, and a possible romantic interest of his. I even had the notion that she chose to follow his path out of love for him and because she had decided that if she couldn't marry him she'd give up earthly love! I now know differently. I'm learning to respect her spirituality and courage.

And even before I learned more about her, I thought enough of her that my oldest daughter is named Catherine Clare, and even though her first name is Catherine we called just Clare from almost the beginning.

Sadly, my Clare is estranged from the Church these days; I pray to St. Clare and St. Francis that some day she will return.

I also pray for my other two daughters, who are also estranged, and ask forgiveness for any ways in which I failed to set a proper example for them. Youth, the spirit of the age, conflicting influences, and their own choices play a role, of course, but I know I could have done more and done better as the spiritual head of the family and as a role model.

Pax et bonum

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

It is the model you are today which matters. The past is history; it is unchangeable, and it can only change the future if we dwell on it, and then the change will not be good.

The past made us who we are today. God makes good even out of bad. We are called to grow in holiness --- if we didn't start below where we are today, we wouldn't be growing! Pray and look to the future. You influence your children by who you are today. Just as you can and did change as you grew older, so can they. Do not rue the past, admit you could have been a better person, and vow to be one.

That is evangelizing, with your life. And you'll never know how many people you influence, in this life.