Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Secular Franciscan Politicians?

With all the focus these days on the election, I began to wonder if there are any Secular Franciscans holding or running for offices. Obviously Obama and Romney are not Secular Franciscans, but what about other candidates? Maybe in Congress? A governor somewhere? A state legislator? Heck, how about a town board member???

What effect would being a Secular Franciscan have on how one conducts business as a public official? Care for others? Concern for the Earth? Telling the truth about one's positions, or those of one's opponents? Can you be honest and get elected? I suspect so, but it must be hard.

And then there was the fate of one Secular Franciscan in public office: St. Thomas More. Maybe that's what happens when one tries to live out one's faith while serving in the government.

So anyone know of any Secular Franciscan elected officials or candidates out there?

 Pax et bonum


Martha Elena Escandón said...

Oh my goodness, I was just asking myself that same question? I am doing the research, and will let you know if I run into one.

God Bless you for having the courage and determination to create this blog. I love it! Will set the time aside to read it all. Just ran into it a few minutes ago!

Thank you your Sister in Christ,
Martha Elena Escandon

Not a Secular Franciscan, yet!!!!

A Secular Franciscan said...

Are you in formation? God be with you! As for the politicians - I haven't found any yet - at least not on the national stage, or locally. Most of the local Catholics tend to be members of their party first, and Catholic on their resumes. I actually used to have a pro-choice Catholic congressional rep!