Friday, March 9, 2018

A few changes ...

At school, I've taken on more duties. While the principal was away, I was helping to keep things running with some other senior members of the staff. In addition, I ham helping to direct the Living Stations, and the school play. Those last two will entail many hours after school.

In addition, I am taking on more duties with the fraternity.  There's a chance I will soon be elected vice minister.

Given those - and my current commitment to Rock of Faith, and my teaching duties - I realized I had to cut something back.

The Margaret Home.

The Home is at a point where the board has expanded, and there are some really talented, dynamic people involved. I am no longer needed, so I have resigned from the board and as an officer.

I will continue to promote and support the Home, but not in an official capacity.

Meanwhile ... grades are due Tuesday, and I have to read through the play and break down scenes for rehearsals that begin next week.

Maybe it's a good thing Syracuse seems unlikely to get in the NCAA Tournament, so I won't be tempted to watch!

Pax et bonum

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