Saturday, March 3, 2018

Huckabee Quits Country Music Association Foundation After Execs Trash His Christian Faith

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I've supported Governor Mike Huckabee in the past when he ran for president, and I've watched his earlier show. The man may hold some views with which I disagree, but he has always been genuine, always showed respect and compassion for others, and, in terms of this flap, always demonstrated a real - and ecumenical! - love for music. (He plays bass.)

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The only "hate" I see here is in the attack and the language used against him (see more in the article below.)

Mike Huckabee Quits Country Music Association Foundation After Nashville Execs Trash His Christian Faith: Through all of the cultural ups and downs, country music has always been a place conservatives felt welcome. While so many other celebrities started picking up
activist causes and shaming fans who held Christian beliefs, American could always count on Nashville to stay true to their values (or at least tolerate them). Not anymore. ...    

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