Friday, March 9, 2018

Intimations of mortality

Donald Francis Murphy Obituary

I got notice that an old friend had passed away last Saturday. I've been off Facebook for Lent, so I didn't see the notices, but fortunately, his wife, not have seen any comments from me, called our house the day of the viewing and my wife luckily stopped home, so she e-mailed me and I was able to make it to the funeral home.

I actually knew his wife much longer - we had been in high school together. When they got married I was the lone musician for the wedding - they wanted all Bob Dylan tunes!
We stayed in touch over the years, exchanging cards, sometimes going to each other's homes for dinner.

He was only 61. A heart attack. He's the second friend to die so young from a heart attack.

It gets you thinking. Could some similar mishap hit me? I'm 62 after all, and overweight.

I asked the widow if there was anything I could do. She said she's going to need some emotional support. I will call her. Maybe we can invite her over for dinner, or we can meet her for dinner somewhere.

For now, I will pray for her.

Pax et bonum

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